Friday, 14 May 2010

Our Garden is a haven of activity this morning, the blue tits are back and forth to the nesting box with a vengeance so I'm guessing hatching as taken place?????

In addition we had this little beauty on our feeders first thing now as per last year my knowledge with the baby birds is not quite as it should be. I think this is maybe a baby Greenfinch, however, the Goldies were hanging around him so could it be a baby Goldie??? Perhaps someone could correct me please. Either way isn't it lovely.

These two shots are very out of focus, this little chap flits in and out very quickly and is new to our garden this season. The camera was focused on the nearer feeders and my fingers were just not quick enough to get it sharp!!!!!

These beauties have only just started to come back in their numbers and have been hanging around quite a lot this morning, we had 8 on various feeders all at the same time at one point LOL

Again new to our garden this season and a bird as a novice I considered to be a menace, now our garden would just not be complete without the morning edition of "The Sturky Show" LOL

Again this pair are following exactly the same pattern as last year so I'm guessing they're feeding young and the just love our fairy cakes. As you can see this is the male but the female follows in right after him and they follow the same flight path back into a hollow tree in our adjacent woodland - Hooray she says LOL

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