Wednesday, 1 June 2011

More shots of our Brock and Reynard families.......... I think this says "don't mess with me"

This one shows Mom and Baby although the shot is not the best to show the difference in size, baby is on the right and is a fair bit smaller than Mom but growing daily LOL

These three shots show how our Brocks and Reynards live in relative harmony at approx 9.45pm this evening we had three fox cubs and Mom,Dad and Baby Brock all in various parts of the garden at the same time :-)))))

Monday, 30 May 2011

Sorry for the camera shake on this one folks but I would like to introduce you to Baby Brock 2011, not sure if it's a Miss or a Master but Mom and Dad were watching from the wings, unfortunately I had the long lens on the camera, didn't think he'd stay long enough for me to get him and I had the camera in my hand as I stood on the patio quietly observing him eating his supper so therefore a lot of camera shake the blooming lens is heavy LOL

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Firstly I apologise for the quality of these shots, the camera was in my hand with the long lens on and keeping it still whilst trying to stop "The Padster" from chasing the birds was quite difficult LOL.................
Last year was a first for us with the Starlings, this year you wouldn't believe how many we have bringing their youngsters in....... difficult to count with the frantic behaviour but I got up to 75 today all in at the same time before it got so difficult to see through them LOL

They were all over the feeders and the bird bath, feeders topped up five times since 2.30pm fairy cakes are the favourites and I'm afraid they've had their lot for today, this is getting very expensive LOL, following the feast they decided to fight over the bird bath.........

The noise was just tremendous not the most pleasant bird song but the iridescent colours of these birds is just something else.......

Finally time to take off to the woods....... Love these birds but wish they weren't quite so flipping greedy our little fella's just haven't stood a chance today LOL

Monday, 23 May 2011

Hello All, finally blew the dust off my camera tried to remember how to use the flaming thing and by jingo this little baby came in just at the right time, we have done really well for babies this year we have had three blue tit families come into our garden albeit only one nested in our nest box, the other nest box was investigated but not used, the others nested in the nearby woodland. In addition we have had two families of Great Tits who also nested in the nearby woodland both of which have given us the privilege to watch them feed the babies. The blackbirds and starling have bought babies in abundance and our resident bullfinch and GSW appear to still be taking sunflower and fairy cakes back into the woodland so we're hoping that very soon we may be privileged to meet their youngsters.

I'm sorry I haven't been on the blog much at all but my ageing affectionately called wrinklies are getting to the stage where they now need more and more of my time and although our birdies do not suffer in the least unfortunately my computer time does but never mind it's nice to pop on now and again.....

The two shots above are of our very naughty but very much loved and scruffy looking Patrick aka "Paddy Pup" to the kids and "The Padster" to nearly everyone else. We can't believe how quickly the last twelve months have gone and he will be One on June 11th. So very much a different dog to our beloved Charley, so mischievous and into everything but much loved all the same

Sunday, 10 October 2010

For those of you that might be interested this is Patrick aka Paddy aka Pads at 18 weeks, even I was astounded at how much he has changed in such a short space of time. He is still very wilful and very naughty on occasions but on the whole the training regime is very slowly working. We have been told by local puppy trainers that Paddy is a very intelligent Puppy and the training in these cases can be so much more difficult because he prefers his own will to ours. Very slowly we are getting there LOL

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I would like to share with you a series of shots of Patrick aka Paddy, Pads or Gnasher as my Husband now like to call him!!!!!!
This one was taken 1 hour after returning home from collecting him, as you can see we have a very nervous Pup on our hands - NOT !!!!!!!!!

This one taken shortly after was when we were trying to tell him his blanket is for comfort not play !!!!!!!!!!

Oh well even Paddy has to rest sometimes just not often !!!!!!!!!

And this final one was taken yesterday afternoon after a long and very tiring week - we have ourselves a very well balanced bold little Puppy who appears to be afraid of very little. I'm not quite sure how our birdies are going to cope with this little chap once he can go outside, he is already chasing the "Wizzles" thro' the patio door.
I worried that I would not love this little chap as much as I did my beloved Charley Dog and hoped that he would be a different Dog so as the comparison would not be often made, someone at our chapel once told me "Be careful what you wish for" and believe me these words of advice are ringing in my ears, this little chap is so very different from Chaz, he will boldly go where no man (or Dog) has been before and I am going to have to get really tough with his training regime. He has a very strong character and is very tough on the old nerves (I forget sometimes I am now 12 years older and the patience sometimes waivers). Yesterday showed a slight improvement when he at least went to his training pads and did something every time rather than attempt to drag them around the house first LOL. He has also started to return his toys back to me on the odd occasion, is this more by luck or judgement she asks herself ???
This morning brings the feeling in my heart that if we all sing from the same hymn sheet in this abode we are going to be rewarded with a very faithful friend who is so very different from his Big Bro'

Hope you enjoy my shots of this dear but wily Pup.xxxxxx

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Latest shots of the our adorable little Patrick aka Paddy or Pads as I think will be the shortest name that will be used. We pick this little fella up on Saturday and as you may guess we just cannot wait. Maybe one day I might get round to using this blog for our garden wildlife and not our pets but for now Pads is filling the hole in our souls xxxxxx