Sunday, 8 August 2010

I would like to share with you a series of shots of Patrick aka Paddy, Pads or Gnasher as my Husband now like to call him!!!!!!
This one was taken 1 hour after returning home from collecting him, as you can see we have a very nervous Pup on our hands - NOT !!!!!!!!!

This one taken shortly after was when we were trying to tell him his blanket is for comfort not play !!!!!!!!!!

Oh well even Paddy has to rest sometimes just not often !!!!!!!!!

And this final one was taken yesterday afternoon after a long and very tiring week - we have ourselves a very well balanced bold little Puppy who appears to be afraid of very little. I'm not quite sure how our birdies are going to cope with this little chap once he can go outside, he is already chasing the "Wizzles" thro' the patio door.
I worried that I would not love this little chap as much as I did my beloved Charley Dog and hoped that he would be a different Dog so as the comparison would not be often made, someone at our chapel once told me "Be careful what you wish for" and believe me these words of advice are ringing in my ears, this little chap is so very different from Chaz, he will boldly go where no man (or Dog) has been before and I am going to have to get really tough with his training regime. He has a very strong character and is very tough on the old nerves (I forget sometimes I am now 12 years older and the patience sometimes waivers). Yesterday showed a slight improvement when he at least went to his training pads and did something every time rather than attempt to drag them around the house first LOL. He has also started to return his toys back to me on the odd occasion, is this more by luck or judgement she asks herself ???
This morning brings the feeling in my heart that if we all sing from the same hymn sheet in this abode we are going to be rewarded with a very faithful friend who is so very different from his Big Bro'

Hope you enjoy my shots of this dear but wily Pup.xxxxxx


Cheryl said...

What an absolute darling....he can come and mess my house up anytime.

What breed is he? At first I thought cocker spaniel, then changed my mind. It is so hard to tell when they are so small....whatever he is, he is gorgeous.

Give him a hug for me.....and if your patience runs out, there is a home waiting for him.

Jayne said...

Thank you so much for your comments Cheryl, Paddy is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Cavalier King Charles so you got the spaniel bit right. No re homing necessary just yet a bit of valium for Human Mom & Dad for the moment might just help tho' LOL xxx

Anonymous said...

He He what a little star he is :)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Jayne.
It takes me back to when Fynn was a puppy, so I will sum your little fellow up with one word, "Cute".