Wednesday, 12 May 2010

At the start of today I was glad to be able to get a shot of these two regulars, it looked very much as if was going to be a very quiet day for the birdies here in the Black Country

However it wasn't long before our new friend the "sturkies" came to visit and as usual Mr/Mrs Maggie was keeping a very close eye on them!!!! LOL

This is Mr Blue Tit fetching elevenses for his hungry bride who I assume is sitting on the eggs of their new family as he grabs a morsel of fairy cake for her. I apologise for the quality of the second shot it's of him taking it back to her, the box is over 100 feet away from my camera so taking in to account my photography skills are very limited I was very lucky to get this shot!!!!

And the finale to my morning was the very welcomed visits from our newly returned swifts, apologies again for the basic skills here, The picture doesn't do the swifts any justice at all, there were 50 or more in the sky at the same time and the racket - well I couldn't here myself think. All we now need for a summer is the sun LOL


karen said...

Just wonderful pics Jayne, your garden really does look like a wildlife haven!!! Still SOOOO jealous of your Squirrels :( xxxx

Geordie Magpie said...

I think your shots are lovely and clear Jayne dont be so hard on yourself or your camera lol.I like the two pics of the magpie with the background out of focus,I can never do that :)

Jayne said...

I know it's called depth of field or something like that Geordie Man but how I did it I do not know !!!!!! LOL