Monday, 22 June 2009

Our day for the babies today, the little ones didn't seem to mind the noise from the cement mixer as much as their parents did!!
Isn't this baby Greenfinch just adorable peeping out from our Dwarf Conifer Island. After much coaxing from Mom he/she finally managed to suss out how to feed from the "Wizzle" Buster

Then came the turn of this baby Blackbird who just loved the mealies!!!

And finally we had the visit from the beautiful Baby Bully to have his/her feed, again he/she has just about learnt how to hang from the "Wizzle" buster


karen said...

Oh my god Jayne!! That baby greenfinch is ADORABLE!!! i want one!!! Fantastic pics, and love the baby bully too! You lucky so and so x

Midmarsh John said...

It is really nice to see the young ones learning their way around the world. Hope your Bullfinch population continues to grow - maybe you can spare me one then :)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely pictures again Jayne. Is 'Wizzle Buster' your own name for that feeder? It made me smile.

Like John, I want some Bulfinches please! ;)

swatson said...

wow Jayne what a fantastic set of baby pics there.A baby bullfinch must win the bonny baby contest.I havent seen a young blackbird at all in my garden my friend USED to say

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Jayne. Nice pictures of the babies on your feeders.

Jayne said...

Thanks for your comments folks, the babies have all been back again today after next door's builders had retired for the day.

The "wizzle" busters real name is Mini Squirrel Buster Jan, but we call the squirrels "wizzles" here (the young nieces and nephews just love the "wizzles") so the name has just stuck!!!
Your friend still does do the occasional grrr!!! Sheila especially when I read your post on the poor chaffie!!!! Grrrr!!!