Monday, 22 June 2009

Each morning after I've topped up the feeders I always put a handful of sunflower hearts on the niger feeder tray in case the young bullfinch fancies a change from the millet. This cheeky wood pigeon sits and waits most mornings and has his scoff before any other bird can get to it. I've got so used to it now and find it so comical so I guess this tray has become "woodies" own!!!!

The Greenfinches seem a little bit more wary of the builders next door so It was a pleasure to see them back this weekend, builders back again now so I'm guessing our birds will be staying in the trees and bushes until they leave this evening!!!

Whilst training the lens on the feeding Greenfinches I couldn't help but notice how beautiful our tree peony is this year especially when you get in close. OH said "my oh my those petals look just like tissue paper"

First picture not focused correctly but I couldn't resist capturing how many mealies our resident and most dominant blackbird who we call "Jade" can get in his beak at the same time!!!!

And finally one of our delightful Goldfinch pairs, considering we were pulling our hair out at our lack of the finch visits when we first starting feeding the garden birds properly we really aren't doing too badly now. Once the builders have departed for the day they Gold, Chaff and Green finches come in at least three pairs.


ShySongbird said...

What beautiful photos Jayne, really lovely! The Wood Pigeons are so funny always and so determined too and how does the Blackbird manage to get so much in its beak at one time? It's amazing!

I love your Paeony, what a gorgeous colour it is.

I hope everyone at your end is feeling brighter today and that you have a lovely week.

Lynmiranda said...

Lovely pictures Jayne. The Woodpigeon are comical and clumsy, we have one (actually it maybe three different Woodpigeons, they come to our feeders one at a time) He, I will call it 'he', tips up the dishes. I love the peony, very pretty. My Grandparents had one, very large red flowers.

denzil said...

nice photos jayne, we have the feral pigeons and they actually feed out of the feeders, that blackbird of yours wont have to make too many trips with a beakful like that.

swatson said...

brilliant photos my friend and plenty of finches, lol,It's marvellous how the birds get used to regular feeding and where it is.That blackbird sure likes his money worth.That tree peony is beautiful are they hardier than ordinary peony roses.They are lovely but very fragile and dont seem to last long

Jayne said...

Thanks for your comments folks, we have three funerals to attend for various friends of my Mom & Dad's this week Jan so the mood is still somewhat sombre, makes my parents stop and wonder if they might be next I suppose. The peony flowers last quite a while if we stay away from them Sheila but if I try to tidy up around where the roots are then the flowers are likely to drop off, good excuse for not tidying I reckon LOL

karen said...

Beautiful pics again Jayne. Just love the blackie scoffing all those mealies!!! I also like the woodie! They are so harmless and a bit dim!!!Your flowers look so pretty, a lovely set of pics Jayne x