Sunday, 19 April 2009

Not the best shots I've ever taken of the goldfinches but "DD" was cleaning her car and at best she's never quiet so he was disturbed before the camera was set up properly, nevertheless he & his family have been back a few times since!!!!

Don't you think our resident bullfinch is just so beautiful !!!!
But I'm guessing from the face on shot here, he may be telling me not as politely as he could where to stick my camera lens!!!!!

Not always a welcomed guest into a lot of gardens but our shy guy here is much loved in ours , he is taking soaked meal worms to his family nesting in a tall silver birch which is why I think he was more prepared to risk staying for the "shoot" isn't he just magnificent!!!

And how can I leave this cheeky little so & so out!!! At least he is eating the nuts from his own nut sphere which is always filled especially for him and his ever growing family!!!!!!!


swatson said...

brilliant photos Jayne.bullfinch is beautiful but when you enlarge that one where he is looking straight at you boy is he scary.I know theyre a nuisance but your wizzle does look cute

Midmarsh John said...

The Bullfinch certainly is a striking looker. Well captured. I've only seen one once very briefly.
The Magpie is also striking with that contrast of black and white. I can hear one round here most of the day.
I must try again in giving Squirrel Nutkins his / her own feeder. It completely ignored my last attempt.

Jayne said...

Thanks folks, although i haven't felt quite with it at all today I've still managed to enjoy the company of our feathered friends lol

denzil said...

excellent photos jayne,as sheila says the squirrel looks so cute, never had any in our garden, love the bullfinch, and i see you managed to get some great shots of the magpies.


Jayne said...

Yes Denis, I must admit the magpies are the least tame of our feathered friends, for such big powerful looking birds they are very wary of us humans, but then again they do have babies in the in the silver birch just on the side of our house!!!

karen said...

Jayne, i LOVE your photos! The goldies and bully look beautiful! Magpies are lovely looking birds as well! And im SO jealous you have a squirrel(HOW CUTE), i know people say they're a pain, but i love them and i want one!!!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Jayne
I also like the Bullfinch shots, especially the head on one.
You did well, and I agree you can't leave out 'ol Mr Nutkins', can you??

Goosey said...

I'm glad you are positive about the magpie...they are part of the food chain after all and only doing what comes naturally. Nice photos as always

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos Jayne, the Bullfinch is a handsome chap but like Sheila I enlarged the full face shot, goodness what an expression!!
Your cheeky Squirrel made me laugh, I haven't seen any in our garden but my friend who lives quite near has them in hers regularly eating the bird food.

MattHB said...

no matter how much they nick, theyre always incredibly cute!!

we had a squirrel nutkins in the garden the other day, I didnt see him on anything although the nut feeder was on the deck!