Monday, 6 April 2009

I decided to make a bit of time to improve my camera skills this morning but I knew I should have listened to my friend when she says "if you wish to make God smile, tell him your plans" because the birds have definitely had other idea's today so far!!!!

This chap did decide to contemplate a bath but i fell sure he knew the camera was focused on him, shouldn't complain i for one would object to being photographed in the bath!!!!!

The coal tit hasn't been as regular a visitor of late so I was pleased to capture him on "censor" this morning (can't say film anymore apparently!!!
I'm pleased to say that the greenfinches have become somewhat regular, that is until the rest of this one's family realised the paparazzi were around this morning!!!!!


denzil said...

is that a feeder on top of the bath jayne?, nice photos.


ShySongbird said...

Nice photos again Jayne, I never seem able to get photos of the Coal Tits. They never stay in one place long enough, mind you that seems to be the story of my life regarding bird photography! It was a lot easier just watching them with binoculars, but it's very rewarding to get the odd photo of something now and again!

swatson said...

great shots Jayne love the coal tit.Funny thing is the coal tits have stopped visiting me.Keep the photos coming my friend

Jayne said...

Thanks for your comments folks!! The bird bath was a gift from my Mom Denis and it originally had a roof on top of the feeder part. I found the birds were very wary of going inside so I took the roof bit off to leave just the bath and the small table. I put meal worms on the table and if gives me quite a good viewing position for the robins and magpies who are very partial to the mealies!!
Yes ladies the coal tits are also very elusive here you really do have to be in the right place at the right time with the camera already set up!!

Tricia said...

Well done on the Coal Tit Jayne - did you have glue on the feeder? Your practising is obviously paying off!

Joe said...

Hi Jayne,

This is my first visit to this blog, and I think its great. I very much enjoyed reading through this post and look forward to more in the future. Interesting that you saw the Bullfinch in your previous post too!

Mac said...

Really nice shots there. The blackie is really clear. I was always put off the bird baths with feeders above as I thought that all the seed would end up in the water but mealworms is great idea - any that fall in just get rehydrated a bit more!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Jayne.
Nice pictures of the Blackbird. Keep them coming.

MattHB said...

lovely pics Jayne :)

Im hopefully going birdbath shopping this afternoon if my other half wakes up! yes its 2.25!