Tuesday, 12 May 2009

After our recent home improvements I'm happy to report that I am now able to spend a little bit more time with our beloved birds and my camera. as you can see from the shot above our birds appear to get on in perfect harmony at the moment. The wood Pigeons were happily munching away with the green, gold,and bullfinches in the hanging feeders this morning. their mates were mopping up on the ground with the chaffinches , dunnocks, 2 Sturkies and the collared doves.

This Little chap has made daily visits during may but like his colleagues they have been a little less frequent, however, we have caught sight of him and his mates this morning but sadly no babes as yet!!!

Our goldfinch visits have understandably dropped off over the last two week but we have had a visit from our usual four this morning, here's one of them on the niger!!

Our Tit visits have dropped considerably too but the start of this week has shown them to be returning, today we have had coal, great, blue and LTT visits - hooray!!!!!

Here is a shot of one of our blue tits attacking the fairy cakes!!

Our male bullfinch as also been making occasional daily visits during May but until today always without the wife, she came in very briefly this morning so hopefully she's taking food back to her babies !!!

In addition to today's shots we have had visits from the male and female woodpecker who seem particularly interested in the FAIRY CAKES but are so camera shy they take off at the slightest movement!


Lynmiranda said...

Hi Jayne:-)

Lovely lot of pictures. You are lucky with your Bullfinch, I had one visiting my feeders through most of the winter but I have not seen it now for several weeks.

denzil said...

great photos jayne, have had one young blackbird in the garden but no sign of any other fledglings.


Jayne said...

Thanks guys, I was getting a little jittery at the drop in numbers, even though I'm fully aware that they are busy doing other things, so today was a lovely surprise to see the numbers up just a little!!

swatson said...

nice to see you back with your lovely photos my friend.Pleased your Ltts are back and mr bullfinch too

karen said...

Lovely pics jayne, glad you have chance to get back into your birdies and relax!You're so lucky to have bullfinches! i can only dream! karen x

Jayne said...

Thanks Sheila and Karen, glad it's finished Sheila and I dreamt for a long time before our finches made their appearance Karen, so just keep dreaming!!

ShySongbird said...

I'm so glad you are back Jayne, I was getting a little worried that perhaps one of the family was not so well, so glad it was 'just' home improvements.
Lovely photos, and I had to smile at the Wood Pigeon. I am also always amused by your fairy cakes in the feeder, they certainly seem very popular!
I'm still very envious of the Bullfinches and Woodpeckers!!!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Jayne.
If I had known there was cakes on the menu then I would have come around to tea. Nice to see what type of feeders other bloggers use in their gardens. Nice photo's, by the way.

marmee said...


glad your birds are in harmony...it works better that way no fussing and fighting. so glad to see so many varieties are showing up for you, enjoy.
may is a wonderful time to be outdoors getting to see all the wildlife.