Sunday, 17 May 2009

Not the best picture I've ever taken but I was hoping someone might be able to confirm my guess in that these high soarers are in fact swifts!!

The magpie is a daily visitor especially when the soaked mealworms are put out first thing, not everyones's cup of tea the magpie but I find him to be a very magnificent looking bird! The Robin visits are on the increase again and our very loyal Blackbirds have never left, as you can see Jade The Brave has even managed to suss how to hang onto the fairy cakes, he just won't be left out where the good food is concerned!!

Our Bullfinch visits haven't been as frequent of late, the male has been popping in occasionally but the last few days have shown their return, the wife she comes in far less frequently than her husband but nevertheless has shown her face. Again let's hope the little ones are told about our cafe!!

I Got very confused with this little chap/chapess yesterday but after advice I think this may well be a very tired and bedraggled adult!!

This chap has been very regular indeed for the last week, he occasionally brings his wife along but more often than not he comes alone. Let's hope Papa Woody tells his kids where the fairy cakes are!!!


Steve said...

I'd say they were swifts, Jayne. Can't help on the blue tit I'm afraid as I'm lucky to see any at all never mind babies. The magpie does look magnificent, I'm still trying to get a photo as clear as that but mine is too jumpy. Nice to see you still getting the bullfinches, I still only get goldfinches.

Great to see you blogging again.

Mac said...

They look like swifts to me as well, Jayne. The screaming is very characteristic too if you catch it. Once heard it's unmistakable. Love your bullfinches and the woodpecker.

karen said...

Lovely pics jayne. im no good on the swift/swallow thing, so no help from me im afraid!!! Love the bullies, magpie and woodpecker! Where do you get your fairy cakes from? i missed that discussion!! karen x

denzil said...

excellent photos jayne, sorry but i'm afraid i can't help with the ident of the soaring birds, i'm always fascinated by the way the little birds hold on to the feeders, in close up they look so fragile.


Midmarsh John said...

Lovely photos of your bird visitors. Don't get woodpeckers in my garden and only ever seen a Bullfinch once.
The black, white and blue of the Magpie can make up for some of the things they get up to.
I must try some fairy cakes and see what they attract.

Jayne said...

Thanks for your comments guys, we feel very lucky to have been able to attract so many different species in what seems a short space of time. Only due to the effort put in and the advice given and the different food types mind!!!
I'm pretty sure they're swifts too, we have got loads of them soaring about today they must have flown in from somewhere, Will have to do a bit more research on them!!

Lynmiranda said...

Hi Jayne, good set of pictures. I say they are Swifts, fantastic birds. To think they never land only when nesting. Their feet are different from other birds, they only have the three toes in front, none behind so that can only cling onto a walls or cliffs, they are unable to land on the ground or grip on a branch. They are birds designed purely for flying. Hard to imagine what it is like to fly none stop day and night :-)

Tricia said...

I'd go for swifts as well. No tail streamers which would suggest Swallows and the wings are too long and curved for House/Sand Martins.

I would agree too about your Blue Tit. Males, particularly, can lose a number of their feathers during the breeding season and look very bedraggled.

I'm still green about your Bullfinches though :)

swatson said...

brilliant photos Jayne of a great array of birds.especially managing to get the swifts.I know the magpie is a handsome bird but after losing two nests in my garden and seeing them chasing the little birds I am not their friend.Still your though

ShySongbird said...

I'm sure they are Swifts Jayne, I enlarged the photos and that is what they look like to me.

Your fairy cakes are always so popular, all the birds look like they go for those in preference to the fat balls. Loved the photos.

Still only the one fleeting glance of a Bullfinch here, go on Jayne send a few my way along with some Woodpeckers! Pleeease!!!