Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Our First Visitor this morning was our pesky "LITTLE WIZZLE" He jumps onto the seed feeder from the fence and then jumps back to the ground to eat his breakfast in more comfort!! This little guy shows such agility in his antics you can't help but smile!!

The next visitor was a lot more welcomed as you Can see this little blue tit doesn't really show any preference between the nuts and the fat balls, he/she had previously had a nibble at the sunflower hearts in the other tree too!!

Our last visitors before I really had to stop watching and get on with my chores, we really must have the dustiest house in the West Midlands!!!, Was our much loved LTT family!!


swatson said...

more great pics Jayne

Tricia said...

Jayne - another great selection of pictures. I do love the Long-tailed Tits - one of my favourites.