Sunday, 18 January 2009

This Fellow looks like he's enjoying a nap and so he should he's just finished eating all of the suet pellets thrown out this morning

Haven't seen the collared doves for a few days so i thought I'd grab this shot whilst he was there. Picture is rubbish the camera was off the tripod!!

I reckon I'm going to enter these pair into the next Mr & Mrs competition, they are never very far apart!!!

As usual he's there on the fence keeping his bright beady eye on HIS garden, this particular bird is so bossy!!!!!!

Well it is said that the robin can be quite cheeky!! He must be thinking well if the Brock's don't want it I'm not going to waste it!!

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swatson said...

great photos Jayne that robin is soooo cute,your'e doing well with the new camera.Keep them coming