Thursday, 8 January 2009

I'm, finding this with all of our visitors at the moment One sits on the fence and the other searches for the food, I'm guessing they're talking to each other all of the time.

This little chap moves so quickly he just shows me how I must try to engage my patience and get the camera focused before he lands on the fat cake. I think I'm trying a little bit too hard and not thinking before I shoot, Never mind I'll get there eventually!!

This little fellow was sitting on the fence just as I was transferring my tripod position so I had the camera in my hand when I quickly took this one.


swatson said...

love your photos Jayne especially the rear view of the LTT...cheeky

Tricia said...

Lovely Long-tailed Tits - well captured Jayne.

MattHB said...

really lovely shots Jayne :)

its hard to get used to pre-focusing a camera, especially if you need to do a half click on some of digital cameras.