Wednesday, 7 January 2009

This is what we're experiencing here in the West Midlands this morning, A bit warmer but the snow is pouring down, have a lot of reading and practising to do before I get the snow shots correct but it's a start!!

This little fellow was enjoying his meal worms and suet pellets before he was rudely interrupted by the figure with the camera in the patio window!!

These two guys are just sitting and patiently waiting for Mr Blackbird to have his fill!!
Guess I should have focussed in the middle of the two birds rather than on the nearer one!!

This little lad or ladette (how do I tell the difference?) has finally found a fat ball that has started to thaw!!!
He/She stayed for ages but these are the two best shots I managed to get!!


swatson said...

lovely pics Jayne love the dunnocks patiently waiting

JooMoo said...

We haven't had any snow down here in Wales, it makes things look magical, I think