Sunday, 11 January 2009

These Little guys are showing us how much they love the suet blocks, they do have a go at the nuts occasionally but seem to prefer the suet!1
We noted twelve all on the feeders at the same time at one point but of course fled off when the scary figure with the camera became apparent!!

Mrs Blackbird again pecking away at some crumbly cheese thrown out especially for her (at least that's what she thinks)!!!!


JooMoo said...

More lovely long tailed tits, great pics.

swatson said...

smashing photos Jayne arent those LTTs just adorable

Tricia said...

Lucky you to get picture of LTTs Jayne - they certainly like "fatty" food!

MattHB said...

Im thinking of trying suit cakes, be nice to give my LTTs anything that they love!! Theyre by far my favorite visitor so far.