Thursday, 14 August 2008

Todays Viewing Update

Whilst still trawling through the masses of info on which longer lens would most suit my needs I have to do the best I can with the camers's standard lens. So these shots were taken today at around 10.45am through the closed patio window so I apologise one for the photographers inability and secondly the subjects wariness. Whilst he appears to be posing for the camera he bolted as soon as he was aware of my prescence. Just after the pictures were taken and I was

busy adding them to my blog he reappeared and at one point he was chomping away from the wood pigeons tray whilst the squirrel and "Mr Scraggy" our resident moulting blackbird were hopping about in the garden along with the blue & great tits jumping from feeder to feeder. I find it amazing how all these wild creatures appear to live in harmony with each other in one small garden in England.


Steve said...

Hi Jayne, really enjoyed reading through your blog! Great Badger pictures. Steve

swatson said...

Is this the fox you were worried about

Jayne said...

yes it is Sheila, he looks a little bit more "scraggy" now which is why I got a tad worried. He eats like a horse mind so I suppose he can't be that bad. As I posted he has had his first dose of medication so hopefully he'll soon be fighting fit!