Saturday, 2 August 2008

Next Episode of Badger Watch

Following our return home from collecting Keith from his yearly day out to Watch The England Cricket Team in action at Edgbaston, I duly went out and put the Badgers supper under the magnolia tree which has become there daily suppertime dining table. Tonights menu included the remains of Keith's picnic bag, 2 samosas, 2 pakoras, and 2 onion bhajis, along with their daily fruit and nuts. I set up my camera through the open kitchen window and sat in my watching chair eargerly awaiting their nightly visit. My eyesight isn't great at the best of times and as the light was fading I caught sight of a small movement and immediately pressed the shutter. Well did Keith get his own back from his Sunday nights sighting after a few jars which turned out to be a cat. This is what the camera saw. I have no excuse other than eyesight I'm completely T-Total but at least it made Keith laugh when he saw the shot.

It remained very still and very quiet for at least an hour after Tabby's guest appearance but then BINGO, the two little ones made their entrance but must not have liked the Indian platter, they sniffed around and trundled back into the wood, hopefully back to Mom who didn't make an appearance at all tonight. Dad then came onto the scene, like most young men after a night out he was well into his Indian, he scoffed the lot and some reasonable shots were obtained. I do hope he returned to his wife & kids in a reasonable state, the dish alongside his food dish only contained water I can assure you!!!!

Hope you enjoy the episode

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