Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bala Weekend

Following our much awaited and much appreciated couple of days break at my Aunt's cottage in the hillside overlooking Lake Bala I would like to share with you a couple of shots that I managed to take from the caravan window which was dripping in water and very steamed up. After a little playing about I managed to salvage these. Please excuse my very amateur techniques I still have an awful lot to learn with this camera!!

Just before we left my Aunt and her dear husband took us to visit Lake Vyrnwy where after so much rainfall it was overflowing it really was quite awesome, We then had lunch in the hotel there where they tell me on better summer days the terrace is open and the chaffinch's are tame enough to eat from your hand. Sadly this day it was pouring!!!


swatson said...

keep posting Jayne love the photo of the water cascadeSheila

Jayne said...

Thanks My friend, if I keep trying I'll get as good as you!!

Steve said...

The view looks amazing there, Jayne. Oh to have open fields at the bottom of my garden :)