Monday, 3 November 2008

Sorry about the quality of this picture but I grabbed the camera and took the picture from the kitchen window all in the matter of seconds, he couldn't hang on for long!!!!
This is the only feeder we have that up to now has remained completely Squirrel free, as you can see the tube slides over the food to stop the pesky squirrel getting in. This little darling did a standing jump from the floor, the feeder is some 5 feet up and is not accessible from any branches he grabbed the bottom of the feeder and hung there for a just a few minutes!!. There was a Great Tit in the magnolia bush where the feeder is hanging and he just looked at me as much to say well darn & blast it they've finally done it, now we have to fight for all of the feeders!!!!

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swatson said...

certainly hanging on for grim death there Jayne.Know they are a pest but still cuter than my longtails.great shot.