Sunday, 10 October 2010

For those of you that might be interested this is Patrick aka Paddy aka Pads at 18 weeks, even I was astounded at how much he has changed in such a short space of time. He is still very wilful and very naughty on occasions but on the whole the training regime is very slowly working. We have been told by local puppy trainers that Paddy is a very intelligent Puppy and the training in these cases can be so much more difficult because he prefers his own will to ours. Very slowly we are getting there LOL


ShySongbird said...

What a sweetheart! 'Wilful'! Oh my goodness! We have a Standard Poodle, definitely the most intelligent dog we have owned and it took him some time to train us :) He has always had a mind of his own and it was quite a battle of wills at times but eventually a mutual agreement was reached and he is a most loveable and rewarding friend. I'm sure in time the same will be true of your beautiful Paddy.

Ken. said...

Hi Jayne
He may be shooting up quick, but he is still a cute character.

denzil said...

hi jayne,
hope you and your family are well, just a bit concerned that we haven't heard from you for a few months,