Sunday, 11 April 2010

For those of you who may be interested or who have been following the treatment for our beloved little Mutt Charley it is with much sadness and regret that I have to inform you that Charley Boy passed away peacefully in his sleep sometime between 3am and 6am this morning. God Bless You Charley Boy you will always have a very special place in our hearts with love from Mom, Dad and Kate xxxx


karen said...

Hes beautiful Jayne, and im SO SORRY for your loss xxx Take comfort from the fact that he could never had a better life than he had with you xxx time will heal your pain, i promise xxxxxxx I feel your sadness xxxxxxx If theres anything i can do, please let me know xxxxx

denzil said...

sorry to hear that your charlie has passed away jayne,


Jayne said...

Thanks for your sympathy and support Karen and Denis, we can only take comfort in the fact that Charley passed away peacefully in his sleep and at home but this home feels like it has a big cold hole what a fluffy little bundle used to keep warm. I only hope he gives the angles as much joy as he has given us over the last 12 years

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Jayne
I know what it is like to loose a highly loved pet.We don't think of them as just a pet, mor like one of the family, and now my 13 yr old yorkie is very ill. We are not sure how much longer he will be with us, but all you can do is make their final days happy ones, isn't it?
Once again I am sorry for your loss of Charlie, but if he was in pain, then at least he is now free of it, and no longer suffering,I know that doesn't help much, because we would all still love to still have our beloved four legged friend besides us.
Take care.