Thursday, 2 April 2009

Not the best picture I have ever taken but this woodpecker of ours is so shy, the slightest chance of someone being behind the lens of the camera and he's off (photo doesn't show his red nape but believe me it is there)!!!


ShySongbird said...

Hi Jayne,
How lovely to have a Woodpecker in the garden, that is so on my wish-list,great photo!

denzil said...

only ever had one in our garden, nice shot jayne.


swatson said...

brilliant shots again Jayne,they are colourful birds I still get a thrill seeing them in the garden.must try and remember the peanut butter lol

Jayne said...

Thanks again folks for taking the trouble to have a peep, He,s a really shy bird but i was honoured to have him land on the fairy cakes whilst I was having my pre-teatime coffee outside today - needless to say camera was indoors!!!!