Sunday, 15 February 2009

I Reckon first shot of today and he's saying "Oh no not that mad woman with her camera again"!!!!

And this one "Did something just pass over my head?"

And another visit from this very tiny, very pretty little bird again!!!


Steve said...

Lucky you, Jayne. Wasn't so long ago you wasn't getting any finches. Now Bull, Gold, Chaf and Green :)

And 15 LTTs (grr)

(Unlike Sheila's blog I can't post comments from my phone on yours but I do get updates)

Jayne said...

Thanks for your comments Steve, like you until we started feeding the birds properly at the start of July last year we only got the more common ones but as the forum said , with patience they would come and they have!!!
I do envy your technical mind though Steve, I get into enough trouble trying to get the darned computer to do as I wish, getting it to talk to my mobile well that would just about be impossible!!!

Jayne said...
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swatson said...

more great shots Jayne as steve said your finches are regulars now and not just common ones but bull and bullfinches dont feed just bathe.As for the goldcrest brilliant