Monday, 23 May 2011

Hello All, finally blew the dust off my camera tried to remember how to use the flaming thing and by jingo this little baby came in just at the right time, we have done really well for babies this year we have had three blue tit families come into our garden albeit only one nested in our nest box, the other nest box was investigated but not used, the others nested in the nearby woodland. In addition we have had two families of Great Tits who also nested in the nearby woodland both of which have given us the privilege to watch them feed the babies. The blackbirds and starling have bought babies in abundance and our resident bullfinch and GSW appear to still be taking sunflower and fairy cakes back into the woodland so we're hoping that very soon we may be privileged to meet their youngsters.

I'm sorry I haven't been on the blog much at all but my ageing affectionately called wrinklies are getting to the stage where they now need more and more of my time and although our birdies do not suffer in the least unfortunately my computer time does but never mind it's nice to pop on now and again.....

The two shots above are of our very naughty but very much loved and scruffy looking Patrick aka "Paddy Pup" to the kids and "The Padster" to nearly everyone else. We can't believe how quickly the last twelve months have gone and he will be One on June 11th. So very much a different dog to our beloved Charley, so mischievous and into everything but much loved all the same


ShySongbird said...

Such a shame (but perfectly understandable!) you don't have so much time for blogging now but always nice to catch up with you when possible Jayne.

Lovely photos of the Blue Tits and good to read there is lots of activity going on there, it certainly is a busy time in the bird world at the moment.

Lovely to see how Patrick has grown!

Anonymous said...

Incredible Jayne no sturks one year and 70 odd the next!