Friday, 31 July 2009

These are some poor shots of a delightful breakfast time for one of our baby greenfinches, as you can see my camera skills are just about rubbish, the little fella just wouldn't keep his wings still whilst shouting for his brekkie!!!!!

At the same time as the youngster was being fed on the adjacent branch these fella's were helping themselves from the hanging feeder!!!!


Midmarsh John said...

It's always a treat when the adults bring their youngsters. A lovely sequence of shots. As you say with all that flapping it is difficult to get a clear shot but I think some blurring of motion though is good to give the impression of movement.

Professor A B Yaffle said...

I have been concentrating all week on snapping the welcome return of butterflies to my garden
Today I saw the yellow flashes of Greenfinches startled at my appearance unexpectedly at the window, as they flew off. I just couldn't get my camera in time
Never mind I can enjoy your shots and there is always tomorrow
You could try setting your camera for action shots, then take several shots in one go. You may find one you like then. I have managed to catch bees wings without blurring using this method
Hope this helps

karen said...

Jayne, despite what you think, these are lovely photos!How great to see the baby greenfinch feeding, and the baby goldie on the feeder, lovely x

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Jayne.
Don't put yourself down concerning your photo's, your doing well, and as long as you are getting enjoyment out of your hobby,and blog that's all that matters. Me, well I always enjoy reeding it.Keep it up.
It looks like you get as many Greenfinches in your garden as I do, and don't you get through some sunflower hearts?
Have a lovely weekend Jayne.

denzil said...

those photos look good to me jayne, keep up the good work, your greenfinch are certainly not camera shy.

Jayne said...

Thanks guys, you're all too kind I think I would be better with the camera if I practiced a bit more but the feeding babies I just had to try to get, we have loads of finches these days considering I never thought we'd get them!!!

ShySongbird said...

Well I enjoyed your photos Jayne and it is lovely to see so much activity on your feeders, if your birds are anything like mine they are eating you out of house and home at the moment!

Lynmiranda said...

Lovely pictures Jayne of the Greenfinches:-)

ShySongbird said...

Is all well with you Jayne? I'm getting a little worried.

Ars Natura said...

My feeders worn over a month and seed leaves them out.
Just go down to the floor eating the sparrows