Thursday, 11 June 2009

This fellow is still coming back and forth this shot was taken on the nearest fairy cake feeder to the house, his youngster was hanging about with Mom on the lower fairy cake feeder, just a tad too far to get a decent shot

Couple of shots of again in my inexperience of what I believe is a juvenile Goldfinch.


denzil said...

great shot of the woodpecker jayne, looks like a young goldie to me, not seen any in our garden yet.

swatson said...

Excellent photos my friend.Especially love the young goldie.Still not seen any in my garden.

karen said...

Lovely pics again Jayne! Love the woodpecker(im so jealous!), and thats definitely a baby goldie! Beautiful x

ShySongbird said...

Definitely a young goldie Jayne and you are so lucky with the Woodpeckers, great photo! I doubt if even Tesco's finest fairy cakes would attract them to my garden ;)

Also lovely photos of the young Dunnock on the previous post.

Tricia said...

Lovely pictures Jayne. It's so long since a Woodie visited my garden. They're definitely about as I can hear them.

As SS says - it's definitely a young Goldie. They always seem so bald compared to their fully coloured parents!

Professor Yaffle said...

A lovely shot of Mr GSW
Although I feed my birds generously every day, I doubt whether I would part with my fairy cakes though lol!