Saturday, 7 March 2009

First picture of this little fellow/fellowess for a while, he/she comes everyday but tends to be a tad camera shy!!!!

These two along with two of their friend/enemies (they don't appear to get on as a foursome, but do come together, the two chase the other two off)
come everyday now!!!

Our regular Mr & Mrs Jim Bullyfinch, can't help thinking the Mrs is telling the greenfinch on the mini squirrel buster "This is my feeding zone"!!!!!!, The picture of Mrs on the niger feeder is when the greenfinch chased her off her own Patch!!!!

It's not often the greenfinch stays when he sees me appear behind the lens, i was either very discreet or he was very hungry this morning!!!!
I think you can see him telling me enough is enough with darned camera!!!!

Isn't the greenfinch a very angry vicious looking bird, very handsome mind!!!!

The finches occasionally let the little blue tit stay for a feed as well, most often than not she gets chased away!!!!!


ShySongbird said...

Hi Jayne, those are lovely photos and you have interpreted the birds thoughts and actions very amusingly. I have noticed in our garden that the Goldfinches are usually forced to give way to the Greenfinches.

I do envy your visits from the Bullfinches we don't see them at all here although when I was a child they were regular visitors to our garden which is only about half a mile from where I live now.

swatson said...

more great shots Jayne,with amusing comments.The greenfinch is rather vicious looking at times and are quite aggressive but a joy all the same

Steve said...

Great photos again, Jayne, you lucky lucky girl :)

Jayne said...

Thank you ShySongbird, I just love watching these little characters we are lucky enough to have visiting and although some folk might think I'm slightly mad I am very often found talking to them!!lol
I know Sheila even my DD's boyfriend who was looking over my shoulder when I was reading my blog said my goodness that bird looks angry!!
And Steve as Sheila would say "BE PATIENT" lol

denzil said...

excellent write and photos jayne.


Phil and Mandy said...

Again, lovely photos. Regards Phil

Ken said...

Hello Jayne :-)
I agree with the other's you are a very lucky girl having Bullfinch's visit you garden feeders. I too like your story telling.I look forward to reading your Blog again.

Jayne said...

Many thanks for your kind comments folks, I'm still getting to grips with this wonderful DSLR camera but patience, as with the attracting of the birds, makes better (won't be as presumptuous to say perfect lol) methinks!!!!! I haven't had time of late to actually sit down in our viewing seat to actually take any photo's, the birds are still coming but not in so many numbers as of the last few weeks, busy doing other things we hope!!!!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Jayne.
Thanks for that. Hurry up and take some more picures so that we can see what's about in your area. Even the commonest birds make great photo's, so come on girl, get your camera out. LOL

Geordie Magpie said...

I love the fairy cake in the fat ball feeder idea !
I was going to do the same this morning but with scones ( the tesco cheapies like yourself !)
Until I looked in the cupboard and discovered that I had already eating them !!!

Jayne said...

Hehehe done that myself Geordie, not used scones but I did try sponge cake with cherries a while back and our fussy hanging feeding birds wouldn't touch it!!!!! The ground feeders made short work of it though!!! lol