Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Well folks a really disappointing day today, a fair few visitors this morning but not staying long and I didn't have a lot of time to watch , the few minutes I had allowed me to capture just the two shots, LTT's are getting very regular now I can almost guarantee they will be waiting for the fairy cakes to be replenished.
It's not that often the coal tit will pose so I just had to snap that one!!!


swatson said...

more good shots Jayne of your good friends the LTTs,nice when you can depend on them

Jayne said...

I'm getting quite bored of taking photo's of just the LTT's now Sheila but I keep trying different settings on the camera and if nothing else it's at least keeping my interest up in the photography side of things lol

Dave Jordan said...

Hi Jayne
You have some great shots of birds on your feeders, I have put a link on my site, well blogged
Dave Jordan

try a visit to mine
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