Monday, 9 February 2009

These little guys have been here most of the time I have been watching today, Love how the bossy Robin is keeping his eye on the proceedings

Glad to see the return of these fellows too today, the clearer shots are on the Yankee Droll feeder which is about 7 feet away from the house and the not quite so clear one is at the bottom of the garden on the older nyger feeder!! There were four of them in the garden at the same time but the other guy was sitting on a branch obscured from the camera lens!!

These two beauties are always together, sometimes on different feeders but sir is always there to keep his eye on madam!!


swatson said...

lovely visitors you have there Jayne those goldies are so pretty.What can I say about the LTTs but ahhhhhhh.

Tricia said...

Your LTTs are lovely visitors Jayne and I wish I saw more of them in my garden! Great pictures of them and the goldies!!

Steve said...

How dare you Grrr at my 4 goldies when you get 4 as well lol - and LTTs and Bullfinches! GRRRRRR! :-)

JooMoo said...

That Robin looks like he doesn't quite know what the ltts are doing htere haha

Patsi said...

I didn't catch the name of the red masked bird. I do recognize some of them...that one has me stumped.
Love seeing new birds in the garden!!

Jayne said...

The bird is our much awaited for Goldfinch Patsi, we've been trying to attract this particular bird for about 8 months now and they've at last decided to make a visit