Wednesday, 4 February 2009

At last these little fellows have decided to make our cafe one of their drop ins!!! I can't tell you how over the moon these guys have made me feel today. Some folk say sad, I think not!!!!

These other two visitors decided to drop by around the same time as the Goldies, blue tit a regular but I haven;'t seen the collared doves for a few days at least they have alleviated my worries about them!!!


swatson said...

more good photos Jayne love the goldies but those collared doves are gorgeous is it the sun giving them that pink glow?

Jayne said...

I can't remember if the sun was shining or not when I took the photo Sheila, but they were perched on our rose arch and quite close to the patio window so I guess there could have been a sheath of light from the glass!! When you're up close they are really quite pretty birds!!

Steve said...