Friday, 2 January 2009

These two shots were were taken from our viewing window upstairs and the feeders are right at the bottom of the garden (about 100 foot away) so I'm quite impressed that I actually caught them, however I reckon a tripod has to be next on the list, the camera is so heavy with the longer lens camera shake is inevitable in some cases.

This one was taken from the same window and just for once our delightful Robin appears to be tolerating the Dunnock who was just about to take off!!!

Couldn't leave him out now could I!!!! These little blighters haven't given the birds a chance this morning, I counted 6 in the garden all at the same time, ignoring their own food in preference to the feeders!!!!


Steve said...
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Steve said...

My sister-in-law would love the squirrels, Jayne. I don't think they have problems with them going after the bird feeders though.

Nice shots of the birds as well, and wow at 100 feet. My garden is only 50 feet away from the window

swatson said...

love the one of the robin and dunnock together.As Steve said great for the distance.My garden is even closer.