Monday, 26 January 2009

More shots of our regulars as you can see the male Blackie is concentrating on watching the enemy in the picture below!!!

Our regular LTT's who always come in small groups, they flit about so quickly this mere novice with the camera can't always be quick enough, one day I may be able to get a shot when all ten or so of them are on the feeders at the same time

These two shots taken this afternoon of our regular little Blue Tit, basically just playing about with the camera trying to get the hang of the manual settings, finding manual better than auto except for my hands aren't quick enough yet to change the setting when the light suddenly drops. Never mind I think the shots are getting better, the blue tits tend to hang out in the magnolia feeding station which is quite a bit farther away than the Acer station!!

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swatson said...

More great pics Jayne the LTTs are lovely.You must be pleased with your camera