Tuesday, 8 July 2008

My Newfound Hobby

For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in the natural world and do have an affection for anything living. However, the needs of life, my husband, my daughter and my job somehow got in the way of pursuing this very rewarding hobby. My Dear Father had a very severe stroke 5 years ago which has left him severely disabled, he is completely paralyzed down the left side of his body , and I became primary carer and had to give up my job. The daughter has now completed her degree in Psychology and has become quite self sufficient in her own world. One beautiful sunny day my dad & I were sitting on their patio and we happened to see a beautiful little blue bird (didn't know at the time but it was a Blue Tit). My brother, enviably, can recognise all bird song and identify the species from the song. I got more and more interested and the "obsession" began. I am now totally hooked. We have a large garden approx 100 foot long and about 45 foot wide and is flanked on the left side by a woodland bank, this woodland also continues over the bottom boundary of our garden, so the amount of different bird songs are in abundance so hopefully with time and patience I will be able to attract all of these different species into our garden.

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